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International Conference on Export of Technical Consultancy Services

ATCEA, which is the leading representative of engineering consultancy sector in Turkey, organized “International Conference on Export of Technical Consultancy Services” on 27-28 April, 2011 in Ankara.

The main objectives of the Conference which will presenting the global developments affecting construction and especially engineering consultancy sector, including present situation, present conjunctural effects and future trends of the market, going over the threats and opportunities arising with globalization in emerging economies, identifying the barriers of Turkish consulting industry that limit the efficiency of abroad activities and measures to be taken for overcoming those barriers, together with the road maps for the public authorities and consultants as well. 



1st DAY - 27 April 2011

1st Session - Openning Speeches

Cemal AKÇA - ATCEA President

Hüseyin BİLMAÇ -Association of Turkish Building Material Producers (İMSAD)President

Necati YAĞCI - Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) Deputy President

Şükrü KOÇOĞLU - Turkish Employer's Association of Construction Industries (INTES) President

Abdul Qudus HAMIDI - Public Works Minister of Afghanistan

Zafer ÇAĞLAYAN - Minister of State of Turkey

Keynote Speech

Panos PANAGOPOULOS- European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) President


2nd Session - Global Engineering Consultancy - Difficulties, Successes/Experiences, Lessons Learned

İlhan ADİLOĞLU - TCA Board Member

Kenan ARACI - İMSAD Member Company Representitive

Osman Ö. ÖZKAN - ATCEA Board Member

Martin GÜLDNER - GOPA Consultants, CEO

Matthias LOHMANN - OBERMEYER, head of Business Development and Marketing

Tomas GONZALEZ - IDOM, International Director

2nd DAY - 28 April, 2011

Afghanistan Parallel Session

Gholam Sachi HASSANZADAH - Dehsabz - Barikab City Development Authority(DCDA), Ceo

Alham Omar HOTAKI - Dehsabz - Barikab City Development Authority(DCDA), Deputy Pilot Project Manager

Tanzania Parallel Session

Kesogukewele M.I.M. MSITA - Chairman of the NHC Board of Directors


3rd Session - Discussion Meeting Restructing and Strengthening of Turkish Consultancy Sector in Turkey

Salih Bilgin AKMAN - ATCEA Board Member

Alp ACAR - ATCEA Board Member

Süha ÖZKAN - METU Faculty of Architecture

Çetin YILMAZ - METU Faculty of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Mehmet Ali KILIÇKAYA - Undersecretary of The Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade

Bülent ERCAN - Ministry of Public Works and Settlement

Emrah ERDEM - Public Procurement Authority

İbrahim SİRER - World Bank

Sedef ERDOĞAN - Su-Yapı Engineering & Consulting INC.


4th Session - Panel Entrance to Global Markets of the Consultancy Sector in Emerging Economies / Difficulties and Models

Hamdi AYDIN - ATCEA Board Member

Mücahit DEMİRTAŞ -Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Public Works and Settlement

Salih ÇİÇEK - Deputy General Manager of the Export of Undersecretary of the Prime Minister for Foreign Trade

Reinhard HONERT - Freelance Consultant