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8th Engineering Consultancy Congress

Conference Programme 

Speeches and Presentations

1st DAY

Opening Speeches

A.Erkan ŞAHMALI, ATCEA President

Erdoğan BAYRAKTAR, TOKİ - President of Housing Development Administration of Turkey

Haluk ÖZDALGA, Grand National Assembly of Turkey-President of the Environmental Commission

Zafer ÇAĞLAYAN, TR State Minister

Key Note Speech -  The Importance of Sustainable Energy in Society

Prof. Dr. Birol KILKIŞ,Başkent University - Sustainable Energy Systems Research Center

 1st Session

“Solar Energy Technology and Place of GÜNAM in This Area” - Prof. Dr. Raşit TURAN, Middle East Technical University - The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM)

“Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Its Applications in Turkey" - Selahittin HACIÖMEROĞLU, CINAR Engineering Consultancy and Project Services Ltd.

“Environment, Economy and Sustainability in HEPP Project in Turkey” - Tolga BALTA, ENCON Environmental Consultancy Co.

2nd Session

"ESER Project – New Green Head Office Building" - Ramis TAŞTEKİN, ESER Project and Engineering Co. Inc.

"Rehabilitation & Full Repowering of Ambarlı Fuel-Oil Power Plant Units 4 & 5 by Conversion into Duel Fueled Combined Cycle Power Plant" - Serdar ERKAN, PROKON Engineering and Consultancy Inc.

3rd Session

"Management Planning of Integrated Water Basins" - Dr. Saim EFELERLİ,ALTER International Engineering and Consulting Services Ltd.

"Awareness of Environmental Issues Through VET Projects" - Cüneyt DİLSİZ, ERBİL Project Consulting Engineering

2nd DAY

Brainstorming Discussion 

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