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11th Engineering Consultancy Congress

11th Engineering Consultancy Congress

ATCEA organized its 11th Engineering Consultancy Congress: "High Technology Applications" on 28 April 2016, in Limak Ambassadore Hotel, Ankara. Below there are the speeches and presentations as part of Congress.

At the Congress which is started with the speeches of Mr. Munis ÖZER (President of ATCEA), Mr. Fethi HİNGİNAR (President of Association of Turkish Building Material Producers), Mr. Celal KOLOĞLU (President of The Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industries) and Mr. A. Kartal USLUEL (Board Member of Turkish Contractors Association).

Main speaker of the congress; Dr. Ahmet TUNÇAY (Corporate Development and Planning Coordinator of Atılım University) has made a presentation themed "Effective Process Management and Technology Management Capability". Mr. Erkan ŞAHMALI (General Manager of GÜNARDA Project Management) has made a presentation about "Project and Document Management". Prof. Dr. Volkan ATALAY (President of METU TechnoPark) has made the last presentation of the Congress morning session on "Research Innovation and Technology Development".

The guest speaker of the Congress, Mr. Mehmet AUF (Behavioral Sciences Specialist) has made an enjoyable speech about  "Persuasion".

At the conclusion part of the Congress which is themed "High Technology Applications", with the moderation of Mr. Salih Bilgin AKMAN (ES DESIGN Engineering Consultancy); Mr. Dinçer AYDOĞAN (26th Regional Director of DSİ) "Yusufeli Dam", Mr. Ömer KORKMAZ (TANAP Construction Group Assistant Manager) "TANAP", Mr. Erdinç ÇİFTÇİ (Founders of the Bold Architecture) ''Building Information Modeling Applications'', Mr. Erdoğan DEDEOĞLU (Civil Private Sector Partnership Regional Assistant Manager) ''İzmit Gulf Crossing'' shared their valuable information in company with presantations with participants. At the end of the panel participants questions were answered and Congress finished with success.