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10th Engineering Consultancy Congress: "Risk and Risk Management"

10th Engineering Consultancy Congress

ATCEA organized its 10th Engineering Consultancy Congress: "Risk and Risk Management" on 16 April 2015, in Ankara.

Congress has started with opening speeches of Mr. Demir İNÖZÜ (President of ATCEA), Mr. Ayberk ÖZCAN (President of Turkish Asphalt Contractors Association), Mr. Oktay ALPTEKİN (Deputy Chairman of Association of Turkish Building Material Producers), Mr. Celal KOLOĞLU (President of The Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industries) and Ms. Z. Ayşen TELEMEZ (Treasurer Member of Board of Turkish Contractors Association).

Prof. Dr. İrem DİKMEN TOKER (Assistant to Rector of METU and Lecturer of Department of Civil Engineering) has made a presentation themed "Planning and General Principles in Risk Management". Prof. Dr. Gökhan ARSLAN (Lecturer Of Anadolu University) has made a presentation about "The New Practices in Construction Sector Job Security". Assistant Prof. Dr. Latif Onur UĞUR (Chief of Department of Civil Engineering of Düzce University) has made the last presentation of the Congress morning session on "Responsiblity and Risk Transfer".

The guest speaker of the Congress, Mr. Özgür AKSUNA (Radio Programmer, Development and Conversion Specialist) has made an enjoyable speech about  "Communication and Risk".

In the closing session of the Congress, Mr. Aydın ÖZKAYA (Member of ATCEA, KARİNA Design, Consultancy and Training Services Co. Ltd), Mr. Haluk DOĞANÇAY (Member of ATCEA, PY Consulting International Inc.), Mr. Süreyya Yücel ÖZDEN (Principal Consultant of GAMA Holding), Mr. İ. Zeki BÖKE (Chief Supervisor) and Prof. Dr. Kemal DAYINLARLI (DAYINLARLI Law Office) have shared their valuable information with their presantations in the panel titled "Joint Liability" moderated by Mr. Raşir ÜNÜVAR (TEMPO Engineers and Consultants).