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Short List Preparation

Along with the ATCEA members the ATCEA is also giving services to the technical consultancy sector and also to the partners of the sector. One of these is to support to prepare a short list.

What is short list?

The short list is the list of companies, which have been determined to tender their proposals for a particular work. Not everybody could or should apply to do a particular work. A short list is a kind of pre selection system, which includes list of candidates that have gone through a kind of selection system and have been found to meet certain conditions, so these candidates would be eligible to tender proposals for a particular work.

To whom these services are for?

Either from public or private sectors as an employer or a proprietor when you want to have a technical consultancy service you will receive proposals or organize a competitive bidding.

· If you want the one that is going to do the work for you to be determined at the end of a competition among the learned, experienced establishments,

· If you want an objective, honest, transparent, away from flaw and dispute procedure to have followed to determine the companies to tender proposals for the work,

Then in that case as an Employer or a Proprietor or their Representatives you can apply in writing to the ATCEA and you can ask to have a short list prepared among the ATCEA members.

What to do to have this service?

As an Employer or a Proprietor or their representatives you have to prepare a fax message or a letter of application and include the information given below would be enough.

· The work which the short list is required for

- Full name

- Description

- Location

- Which discipline and what nature the technical consultant is required for

- Which discipline and what nature the technical consultancy service is required for

· Until what date and time the short list is needed to be sent

· How should the short list be sent; by fax, e-mail, sealed envelope by hand, registered mail.

What are the principles of this service and how is the full process?

The ATCEA has been giving the "short list" preparation support service in accordance with the rules of an internal regulation and the Regulation. One can find the service principles, rules and process in the "Short List Preparation Regulation".

What are the advantages of this service?

The Organizations and Establishments, which use "short list" suggested by the ATCEA,

· They will have access to the independent, experienced, learned technical consultants working with principles,

· They will be certain that the candidates would be among the FIDIC member technical consultants, working in accordance with the FIDIC technical and professional values,

· They will be certain that selection has been made from a large data base,

· They will have the reliance that the companies which tender proposals have been selected through objective, neutral, transparent and away from flaw and dispute methods.

Do they charge any money for these services?

The ATCEA doesn't charge any money towards preparation of a short list.